Sunday, April 22, 2012

this gorgeous april weekend

this weekend has been a beautiful one. it's currently 22 degress and sunny. saturday we woke up early as usual (6:30 on this particular day) due to pirate once again being a whiney brat. luckily, for some reason, we weren't tired anymore, so we let in the gingers and lounged in bed watching blue planet. garrick had to work a half day and i was going with him to do the may flyer, so we left the house at 7:30, got some timmy's, then headed to the warehouse. at twelve, it was time to go home. we stopped by crystal's shop where i found this really cute maternity shirt that can be worn with leggings OR jeans!

so that's not REALLY the exact colour of it.. it's more of a green-green and less washed out looking. but you get the point! it's that slippery kind of material and really light, so i like it. it's probably cuter on than on the hanger, but i forgot to take a picture wearing it yesterday. next time!
anyway, so after crystal's store, we...... i don't remember now. oh yes, then we came home and garrick washed all three of our vehicles in the front yard and i watched. after that, we drove around looking at used camp trailers cuz that's garrick's newest love and obsession. we won't be getting one this year, but maybe next summer! so we're getting an idea of exactly what we'd like.
to top off the day, we headed to kelly o's to celebrate brock's (a guy garrick works with) 21 birthday. i had a yummy pineapple-y mocktail. it was an early night for us.

today, we were up early once again! 7:30 this time. although pirate was still crying before 6:30. this time i got up with squirt bottle in hand, opened the door, and gave her a good squirt. that kept her quiet for another hour. success. we went into kelowna so i could hunt for a few maternity tank tops. i was once again appalled by the pricing of maternity clothes. why must the world take advantage of the "state" our bodies are in?! it's disgusting. and it makes me really sad because i really don't want to look like a frump! i want to have at least a little bit of style during this exciting time. and i am NOT paying $45 for a pair of shorts i'm going to wear for 2 months.. i wouldn't pay that much for a pair of regular shorts!!!! ugh. not to mention spending $30/piece on tank tops just so my belly button doesn't hang out. i settled for some non-maternity tanks that are slightly longer than usual.. it was quite the hunt though. luckily they were only $5 each. phew. AND a got 5 skinny belts to enhance the illusion of my, i'll-be-it, high-waist. super cute. this partially successful trip to the mall was followed by a walk downtown, japanese lunch (i really had my heart set on coconute thai soup, but that restaraunt was closed), and delicious ice cream. did i mention how much i LOVE having the sunshine beating down? aaahhhhh, paradise....
so now we're back at home! garrick's making us some yummy ribs for dinner. he's off to the kootenays early tomorrow and will be leaving me alone overnight. boooo. at least i can look forward to karen being back at work tomorrow!

speaking of work, i told the boss on friday that i was pregnant. the conversation went like this...
[boss was getting ready to leave]
me: before you go, i have some exciting news to share! [this is me trying to put a positive spin on this right from the beginning]
[boss looks over]
me: i'm pregnant! [big grin... heart pounding.. thinking "please don't fire me.." over and over]
boss: congratulations, that's exciting [blah blah blah] how many kids do you guys want? [uhhh... what a weird question]
and shortly after that, he left. he never asked how far along i was, or when i'd stop working or anything. i'm pretty sure that he thinks i JUST found out. well that's not my problem! we NEVER EVER talk about ANYTHING personal, so it would be very strange to just randomly share all these personal details in regards to my pregnancy. i'm sure he'll find out sooner or later. at least it's all out in the open now, and i can get back to wearing non-baggy clothes while they still fit.

aaaannnnddd some pictures from our day!
the gingers - jealous that they can't be outside

our backyard!

the creek on the other side of our fence

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