Thursday, April 19, 2012

Second Trimester

18 Weeks

different pants this week! i'm usually wearing leggings.. this week, i'm wearing the skinny-leg dress pants that kath's mom bought for me as a gift! they are suuuuper comfy. i didn't necessarily NEED to wear them, but i want skinny dress pants for my outfit this day (imagine a grey and black striped cute blazer overtop of the purple shirt. it wasn't good for showing off the belly though!) and i conveniently have them, sooo why not! the nice thing is that they're a full panel belly - which i don't need yet - so i'll be able to get a lot of comfortable use out of them, but for now i just roll it down.

next wednesday we have another midwife appointment! YAY. we love the midwife sooo much and are always excited to go see her. and of course we're excited to hear the heartbeat again! (this also means that next week's photo won't be posted until thursday as well). and then the week after that, it's ultrasound day!

in case you missed it, there's a new photo for the guessing game. currently the poll has 12 votes and we're back to 50-50.

now, we're off to lay in bed and anxiously await this week's grey's anatomy episode. my back's been a tad sore by the end of the day and the couches have always given me a bit of a back ache, so laying in bed is very comforting. i'll be back in the next few days to talk about my pregnancy experience thus far!

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